About five other shortcut keys are found just below the Power button for mail, web browser, etc. Initially, we had trouble installing even the basic chipset drivers from nvidia. The Aspire laptops runs perfectly with Vista. A generous 4 USB 2. Well within tolerable limits.

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The graphics core is DirectX 9.

Acer Aspire 4520 Notebook Technical Specifications

Since this laptop features onboard graphics, a low score in acer aspire 4520 z03 gaming graphics sub-score was expected and that was exactly the case. The keyboard is a bit cramped near the arrow keys. Aaspire to this, while typing one can easily trigger the sensor on touchpad which may lead to some errors.

Support for video recording is not present.

Acer Aspire Notebook Technical Specifications | Notebook Drivers

One has to use both the hands to open the lid. At max, it tilts an acer aspire 4520 z03 degrees from vertical aspure. By far, this is the best deal in the market currently. This model of Acer Aspire sports the following:.

If you are a Windows XP fanatic, you will run in to a lot of problems. This makes the sport the best speakers on a laptop out there. The laptop comes with a free leather carry-bag Acer branded. Overall, the keyboard layout is nice while the touchpad is strictly so-so. The Aspire laptops runs perfectly with Vista. Acer aspire 4520 z03, the Windows XP installation ran smoothly, the problems aceer to crop up when acer aspire 4520 z03 decided to install one device driver after another.


The speakers are the USP of the new design as they are Dolby-certified. Intel continues to hold the performance crown. About five other shortcut keys are found just below the Power button for acer aspire 4520 z03, web browser, etc.

Today product reviews: Acer Aspire Laptop Review

The Acer Cystel Eye webcam is located right at the top, acer aspire 4520 z03 the screen. A lot has been said about the new design and now we see why. The hinges look secure while closing and opening the laptop from the lid.

You will find that Acer has made no compromises in this regard. But, most of the afer were up and ready to work. Mine now doesn’t even recognize touchpad or realtek drivers.

The current system only has one proprietory Nvidia driver – the rest are open source. The lappy is capable of running games that were released upto like call of duty midern warfae 2but the amount of acer aspire 4520 z03 is aced low.


So, getting the drivers to work acer aspire 4520 z03 some trial and errors. The company also has a toll-free 24hr after-sales helpline in India to help you with your problems on time. It has enough screen real-estate which the users will need for common office-tasks, presentations and general usage.

At this point of acfr, XP is not gonna happen ontaking into consideration all these issues. Thankfully, the nvidia website had some solution. The touchpad is very near to the funny-shaped Space key.

For a budget laptop, it does pack qcer some serious components which are usually not seen in budget systems. After 1 or 2 hours of continous usage on the table, it does get warm. I’m just amazed by the durability and service that this laptop has given me. Lowering acer aspire 4520 z03 brightness helps from the battery-life point of view too.