Although you really don’t need another charger, the one that ships with the P73 is adequate. Multi Burst shots are played back as a slow-motion animation on the camera, but appear as a single large file with 16 sub-images in it when viewed on a computer. This means that you are more or less forced to buy a spare high capacity card to go with the DSC P Can my camera take photos in RAW format? To get the full experience on Sony. Sony Community Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers.

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Other settings that give you control over the final image include exposure compensation, white balance and sensitivity between ISO equivalents of and When you would like to appear in the shot there is a ten second delay self timer.

The relatively few remaining controls are on the camera’s rear panel, along with the LCD display screen and the eyepiece for the optical viewfinder. Color was good with the Auto sdc-p73 balance setting.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73 Specs – CNET

Half-pressing the shutter button causes the camera to display the shutter speed and aperture setting it has chosen for the current lighting conditions. Overall, the P73 is a good choice for anyone wanting a capable, portable camera that takes good photos in a variety of circumstances. The position of the flash results in uneven lighting. Show More Show Less.

The fsc-p73 were true and the contrast in the shots was good for a camera in this price bracket. For composing images, the DSC-P73 offers a real-image optical viewfinder and a 1.

This would be a fun way to catch someone crossing a finish line during a race, or to analyze golf and tennis swings. I just might buy another one, for the bidding was very light. A shutter-like, retractable lens cover protects the lens whenever the camera is powered off, flipping quickly out of the way when the camera is turned on again. Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals.


Digital Cameras – Sony Cybershot DSC-P73 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Beach mode optimizes the camera for bright situations and prevents color loss from overexposure. The optical viewfinder dc-p73 located above and to the right of the LCD monitor, and has three LED dsc-p3 along the left edge of the window, each of which reports the current status of various camera functions.

Playback-Mode Display In playback mode, the default image display shows the most recently captured image, with a modest information overlay present. This is a fairly typical range, slightly biased toward the telephoto end relative to the more common mm range found on many 3x zoom-equipped cameras. Multi Burst shots are played back as a slow-motion animation on the camera, but appear as a single large file with 16 sub-images in it when viewed on a computer.

It offers the convenience of point-and-shoot simplicity, but with enough advanced features to make it possible to take photos dec-p73 otherwise challenging situations low light, fast xsc-p73, etc.

To start with there is a control dial on the top of the camera. I have no problem with Memory Stick, but it is only a 16mb one that is supplied. The four arrow buttons also serve as external controls when the camera’s menus are turned off, or they can be used to scroll through captured images in Playback mode.

Under the Picture Effects setting, you can record images in black and white or sepia monochrome, or select the Solarize or Negative Art options, while the White Balance menu gives you options of Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent, and Flash. It’s dwc-p73 wonderful camera, and unless you are creating posters I do not see the need for more pixels.


This means that you should always be covered if power runs out at the wrong time and running costs are also kept to a minimum by Sony’s policy of supplying rechargeable batteries. Pressing the display button once adds the exposure information and a small histogram to the overlay, pressing it again removes the information overlay entirely, and pressing it a third time turns the LCD off altogether.

The maximum resolution of x dsv-p73 television quality. Couldn’t measure the dsc-p3 drain, but battery life should be quite good, based on Sony’s own battery-life numbers. A Self-Timer mode provides a second delay between the time the Shutter button is pressed and the time that the camera actually takes the picture, giving the photographer time to dsd-p73 around and get into the picture. A small depression and associated sculpted ridge dssc-p73 as a finger rest when holding the camera, improving your grip to a surprising degree.

Operating the P73 in any of its automatic modes is very straightforward, with only two additional controls when you enter Manual mode.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73 4.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

A separate Image Resolution button calls up a menu of the available resolution settings, removing this item from the main menu system and thereby making it much quicker to access when needed. The camera’s top panel includes the Shutter button surrounded by the Mode dial.

Build quality Ease of use Rechargeable batteries and a charger supplied by Sony. The Zoom control in the top right corner of the back panel adjusts both optical and digital zoom when the latter is activated through the Setup menu.