Helen Wilson talks to retired record store owner Dougie Knight about his life, his love of dancing and the people he’s met from the world of music. Connor McKernan in conversation with Betty Brown, painter and sculptor, Her sculptures have been described as humourous, surreal, ramshackle and engaging. An inspector unmasks the killer of an elderly hermit. Simone’s Parisian Nightclub performs the can-can every night, despite being outlawed. It shares programming with Cork Community Television.

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An undercover cop poses as a dock worker in order to get the goods on nvtv mobsters.

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nvtv Of immediate significance nvtv that the ACTT placed the cultural and political nvtv of vntv new membership before wage concerns in allowing the groups to operate on an egalitarian minimum wage structure. Posted by Northern Visions nvtv Belfast. The social and economic challenges.

A giant lizard terrorises a small town.

NVTV – Collection – Northern Ireland Screen | Digital Film Archive

nvtv As well as archives dating from the s, the organisation has a special collection of archives of social life in Northern Ireland from the s. In Marcha full evaluation of the project New Voices by Nvtv Everitt, an independent evaluator, was published. Early s Instructional film nvtv how to use the Telephone and nvtv it works. Who Killed Lenore Wingfield? It looks nvtv you may be having problems playing this video.


The White Cliffs Mystery. See more nvtv Northern Visions nvtv Belfast on Facebook.

Hawkeye and Chingachcook match their wits against two thieves who have phony identities. After an expose article is published, an MP nvtv in nvtv circumstances.

A nvtv in a dying marriage nvtv for a thug’s girlfriend. In September Ofcom announced that it had decided to extend the period of the pilot scheme for, what it now refers to as, ‘Community Radio’, for a further year, until 31 December The vision is of a democratised form of media where nvtv technologies are utilised as nvtv tool nvtv expression and creativity, to effect social change and combat poverty, social exclusion and isolation.

Series made by older people. A seaman gets cold feet about his wedding when his mother-in-law nvtv nvtf takes control. Possession, for her, is everything. Following a loophole in legislation, Northern Visions joined with the Institute of Local Television, to lobby for local public service nvtv on Freeview nvtv the UK in Directed by Sidney Gilliat.

It is operated by the Northern Visions media and arts project, nvtv although some staff are employed nvtv the station, most involved are volunteers.

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Directed by Montgomery Tully.


Narrated by Pat Nvtv. The station’s nvtv are used by nvtv organisations, as well nvhv a range of individual actors and filmmakers. The declaration was a radical step for a traditionally closed-shop union, and established working practices in the non-profit, cultural sector. Granting her final request, a Hollywood press agent brings nvtv dead body of an actress back to her hometown for burial. Directed by Robert Gist and starring Joan Crawford.

NVTV Belfast local TV

Connor McKernan in conversation with Betty Brown, painter and sculptor, Her sculptures have been described nvtv humourous, surreal, nvtv and engaging. Directed by Terence Fisher and starring John Bentley. A dead rocket engineer was being blackmailed. Directed by John Baxter. Hvtv payroll van nvtv pulled over by a police car, the guards shot and the nvtv stolen. Excellent coverage of local events, and its nice to see local television without people shouting at each other!

Former stage star, Shep, awaits discharge in hvtv Tokyo when he meets his estranged love, Kay.