The test of many other keyboards I have comfort in the ide it would be a RD sx or nothing. This piano is great. However, a keyboard workstation this instrument is not. It has always done this. Rarely do I find myself in the same ambient environment and it is a matter of seconds for me to match the sound of the piano to the room – such as removing bass when playing on a wooden floor. A special mention to those with 88 keys were sampled one by one on 3 or 4 levels. Show less Show more.

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Roland RD700SX Stage Piano 88 Key

This can go for most players, but for those who like hammering in the shade, the S90 ES HARD same set will not be as expressive as almost always stop when there is no limit concerns force with RDsx. As with all instruments, it is generally a case of play, fiddle, consult manual, play fiddle, consult manual.

The rhythms are the low-point of the piano. I always find everything or almost everything I’m looking for. But the weight is a given, since you can’t have such a key action mechanism on a unit weighing only lbs.

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Lots of choices available, but you can only use two at a time, tops I don’t know how to split the keyboard to have and effect for the upper register and another effect for the lower one Many pianos, the sound of gd700sx piano” is paramtrable how open the lid of the piano, did a little toy, but REALLY change the sound I love the sound Overall the keyboard is pop, dynamic and effective.


This action makes the piano quite heavy 25Kg but the pay-off is the realistic feel of the keys. Kawai Upright Pianos with 88 Keys. The possibilities are huge.

The weight might be a problem for some. A real B3 player will not benefit much from them and anyway, the heavy keyboard doesn’t allow for the same type of playing.

Connections to the piano are very basic. This would be useless for all the situations I need this instrument for.

The config gnrale is simple and fairly intuitive, no problem this level. I was a little afraid to beginners but it was enough to set the channel to prevent it changes the sound. I have never found a firmware upgrade. I always need the help of someone else to take it down to our rehearsal room which is in the cellar. I generally use a Yamaha StagePas for amplification since it is very portable yet provides stereo sound – necessary for really appreciating the piano sound.

Both these names have excellent hammer-action pianos and I regularly teach students on both. I have tried many digital pianos with the rland headphone especially piano and sounds E.


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I believe the sound quality on this instrument rd700sd outstanding. Touch is relatively lightweight, APRS is a matter of got, but it’s a really great pianist. You are then playing the Superior Grand instrument and everything is setup as a classical piano. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Roland RDSX Stage Piano 88 Key | eBay

The other instruments also sound good to me, but I don’t feel as qualified to rate them. Indeed it is the real deal! See all 4 pre-owned listings. I dmentiel Dsormais sound piano, E. To compound this I continue to be surprised at the lack of a metronome on the piano.

rolans Setup is both simple and very complex. I have yet to not find what I am looking for in short order. They are very realistic, the expression is suitable without being exceptional. Lots of cool tones to get lost in as well! Be the first to write a review.