No problems with my 24d. Apart from this, the SK48 has performed without fail and has managed audio between 10 to14 hours a day for the last two months without any trouble. Really interested in getting one of these konnekt 48’s. Can anyone confirm that one of these would function on pt11 mac os mt lion I’d only really require it for the 4 mics pre’s and multiple other analog and digital inputs I understand the plugins are not aax so that’s ok CheerS Sent from my GT-IT. It may not be obvious, but once more, TC has innovated:

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But still seems to be a lot packed into one box for not much dosh. The Apollo is about five times the price now though so that’s not even remotely an option. A MIDI duo provides communication between the external gear and the computer.

It has a built-in talkback microphone and a really cool light ring. And how it compares to a RME Fireface ? The second guitar is a Buclet, a custom handbuilt model with passive electronics. Software surprises There are also some native plug-ins.

Studio Konnekt 48 comes with nothing short of world-class DSP effects, including the Fabrik C Studio, an easy-to-use channel strip and mastering tool that offers 4-band EQ, multiband compression and limiting kknnekt on algorithms from TC’s high-end System You need an account to post a reply. Add to that two headphone outputs with independent levels. We need to connect all of the following: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.


TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 in – opinions? – Gearslutz

Log in Become a member. Create a username and password below and electronoc account will be created and your post entered. Note that choosing the TalkBack remote mic cuts channel 12 and vice versa. It becomes the level controller when you switch on inputs, outputs, effects, etc.

The most amazing thing is that you can use these plugs for recordings as well as for mixing sessions, simply by switching from Internal to Plug-In mode, in a VST or Audio Unit host. No background noise, the instrument dynamic is perfectly reproduced, the independent guitar circuitry does an excellent job the interface automatically detects that a guitar is plugged into the instrument input.

Test of TC Electronic’s Studio Konnekt 48 : The Ultimate Interface? – Audiofanzine

Not only does Studio Konnekt 48 offer support for surround speaker systems, it does way more than that. It may not be obvious, but once more, TC has innovated: It would be nice to have a Mono monitoring mode and that Master Volume settings could be removed from the preset saving.

Have not tried running DSP plugins in no way so cant give you any answers on that question. Originally Posted by mljung.

If it were still working to this day I’d still be using it just for the reverbs. And another examplewith Fabrik C and R set to reproduce a kind of small amp with a spring reverb sound.

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Well, the cool factor of this remote is upped even further by the built-in guitar tuner. Im running Konnekt 24D on Mountain lion. You start by installing the driver, the TCNear software then you have to connect the interface to a free FW port.

They haven’t stated they will be porting them to 64bit and with the end of the powercore platform if you stuido to use them and need a 64bit daw I would look elsewhere. The big knob controls the Master Volume by default, and has a secondary function when pressed.

These annoyances remind me of the graphic issues encountered with the first release of Logic 8, before 8. The konnet column is informative real time monitoring of active inputs, Pads, 48V and clock lock and offers optical format settings as well as clock settings when the SK48 is used in standalone mode. In the small world of audio interfaces, the trend is the integration of DSP effects, whether they be available when recording or mixing.

TC makes great products with awful drivers. So I was curious to see what the SK48 could offer in terms of routing.